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World of Warcraft Classic is opening up more free character moves today

Players can now return to Azeroth like it was 2006: World of Warcraft Classic servers are now live. Developer Blizzard Entertainment turned back the clock on its hugely popular massively multiplayer RPG, and fans are loving it. They love it so much players had to wait for hours to play the game.

Although queue times aren't as crazy as they once were, it's common in the US evenings to see many realms listed as "full" and endure 30-40 minute queues, and Blizzard is once again trying to combat that annoyance with even more free character transfers. Starting today (live at the time of this article), you can transfer from high population realms to lower ones. Big ones of note: gargantuan realms like Herod and Kromcrush are offering one-way tickets elsewhere. The destinations are Felstriker, Earthfury, Heartseeker, Anathema, Arcanite Reaper, Deviate Delight, and Windseeker, which all vary based on your current home.

Blizzard does have plans to add in content such as areas and equipment further down the line across multiple phases. While it is following the original timing of when this content was first released, it's also making subtle changes for the benefit of players. Player-versus-player options are also being evaluated by the developer before they're added to the game.

Blizzard says that the timeline is going to be rather short, as the moves will run through Monday, September 23 at the earliest, urging players to use the service "as soon as possible." I recommend doing that if you're coming home from a long day of work and only have a short window of time to play Classic. I've gotten used to just running the game roughly half an hour before I want to play, in the evenings (US), and during the day a lot of realms are now stable. The worst of all-day-queue-hell is behind us!

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