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World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic has a release date

World of Warcraft Classic will soon grow by another addition. The Burning Crusade data disc will appear on Classic servers, allowing players to face a number of known enemies. Developers provide details on the premiere and preliminary approach.

World of Warcraft Classic players can take the tour through The Dark Portal next month, with the launch of Burning Crusade. The expansion has been given its official release date, and here in Norway it kicks off at midnight on 2 June.

Burning Crusade introduces a new area for the online role-playing game, called Outland. Here, players can climb up to the new level ceiling of 70, try their hand at several group areas and measure forces against Illidan Stormrage.

Some small changes are to be expected, however. Blizzard's main goal is to make the expansion viable for a long-term gaming experience. These changes will therefore include better Arena mode matchmaking, which features competitive 2c matches. 2, 3 tsp. 3 and 5 c. 5. Raids will increase in difficulty, and bosses will be raised to prenerf difficulty.

This new version of the game is currently available in beta. Burning Crusade Classic servers will be separate from WoW Classic. An in-game warning is already warning players that they will have to choose between keeping their characters on their current WoW Classic server, or migrating them to the new expansion. Blizzard will also offer a paid option to clone the character on both.

All World of Warcraft Classic subscribers will gain access to The Burning Crusade Classic at no additional charge. Those who wish to remain on the original servers before expansion will have to decide by May 18. If someone wants to continue the original Classic and at the same time embark on an adventure in the Burning Crusade Classic, then Blizzard offers them character cloning. For $ 35 (745 CZK) you can clone your hero and have him separately in both games.

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic will release simultaneously in the Americas, Europe, Taiwan, Korea, and Oceania regions. Meet outside the Dark Portal on June 1 at 6 p.m. to relive the start of one of World of Warcraft's most epic adventures.

It is difficult at present to know if this date is real, and if it corresponds to the actual release, or simply the prepatch, a prior update to introduce some of the new content. Blizzard has yet to react but players should be fixed in the coming weeks.

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