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WoW Classic,Blizzard confirms hotfix for hunter dead spots

The developers of Blizzard have played the first hotfix for Classic hunters on the servers. Original: The Deadhead ability is one of the most iconic of the WoW hunter. In WoW Classic, however, it does provide numerous issues that Blizzard's developers are now working on, as stated in an official statement.

Update from September 25:
WoW developer Pazorax has spoken in the official WoW forum a few hours ago and given a comprehensive update on the topic "Bugfixes dead spots". Here are the key findings:

    The problem has been identified and a corresponding hotfix has been played for the ID change to the servers.
    The fact that you could set after dead spots partly no trap on the ground, was due to the following problem: You came through dead spots too early from the fight. This in turn meant that enemies could still catch you with their dead-set attacks, even though they would have lost you as a target. The hit again did not let you get out of the fight correctly, so you could not set a trap.
    Thanks to the hotfix, this will no longer happen because the system now processes the actions in the background in the correct order. Say: your opponent loses sight of you as soon as you leave the battle through dead spots. The deadlocked attack strikes before you come out of the battle through dead spots.
    The developers are still working on another hotfix that will involve a slightly more complicated change. In addition, they are currently checking if there are any more errors in the hunter.

wow classic

The dead-end ability is one of the iconic hunter abilities since the beginning of the WoW era. This ensures that Classic hunters escape for a short time from the fight, so as to lose the threat or set new traps. In addition, dead spots are also relevant in the "Player versus Player" game mode, as they temporarily disappear from the target of the enemy target - this can provide valuable time won.

However, that ability is not free from mistakes, as numerous messages from the players showed. Especially in the "Player vs. Player" game mode, there was a significant bug that caused dead spots to break: "Extremely good hunters use dead spots when they run away from an opponent to trap them, and in some cases it can happen that deadlocks fail, because the spell-canceling when turning the game character is much more sensitive in Classic than it was in Vanilla (1.12), "the developers said in an official statement.

However, one is on the track of the problem and is currently working on a hotfix that "will go live soon." In addition, one is aware of other mistakes in connection with dead spots: So it takes sometimes too long, until the respective player has left the fight, or the pet brings the hunter back into the fight. "We are currently working on these issues, but it may take some time before we figure out the real problem."

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