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We will give you the full details on how to get your shirt off in 2K22

In The City of NBA 2K22, you can choose to walk around and play games in the park without a shirt on. But, just like with other features in MyCareer and The City, you will need to unlock the option to access this feature. How can you do it? Complete a mission.

From the LeBron James beard to the hand wraps, there are a handful of ways to establish your dominance before even putting up a shot in NBA 2K22. However, none of them perhaps come close to the prestige of going shirtless.

Trying to go shirtless with your NBA 2K22 MyPlayer? It’s been a popular option in previous editions of the game, and returns for 2K22. However, many people are wondering how to go shirtless in the game. It takes a little bit of time and effort to get there. In this guide, we’ll give you the full details on how to get your shirt off in 2K22.

How to take off your shirt in NBA 2K22 The City?
To access this feature, you must complete the mission called “Take off your shirt”, which you can access after playing at least five 2v2 games in the Park. These camps are found in various outdoor locations throughout the city, and each affiliation has a number of camps.

After playing five 2v2 Park games, you will need to find ATM. The ATM is located right between the NBA store and the 2K Club.

Talk to him and he will give you the new mission.

After doing this, you will be able to complete the Take off your shirt mission. All you have to do is play 25 full 2v2 games, in any of the four affiliate areas.

Where to find the shirtless option for your player
Once you’ve unlocked the shirtless option for your NBA 2K22 MyPlayer, you’ll need to equip it. To do so, go to your appearance options. Go to the Clothes tab and find your collection of shirts.

You’ll need to scroll all the way to the right in your shirts collection. There you will see the option for “Shirtless.” Choose this by pressing the appropriate button on the NBA 2K22 controller. You’ll now have your shirt off when you use your MyPlayer.

And to take your shirt off, you’ll first need to pause the game to access the City> My Player> Appearance menu> choose the city> select the top clothing option and look for the option to go shirtless.
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