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This guide will teach you how to slide in Madden NFL 21

Some of the game mechanics in Madden 21 are not that easy to understand and you need to fully aware of these mechanics to progress through the game. This guide will teach you how to slide in Madden NFL 21.

Just because Madden 21 is much kinder to those who run with their quarterback doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to learn how to dodge hits. Yes, no matter how hard you get tackled, you may not fumble the ball as much as in Madden 20. However, a much more realistic take on player injuries in the game means that some tackles could leave you one QB short. So, we recommend sliding as a means of keeping your team healthy, as well as gaining extra yardage.

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In our guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know to slide properly and reap its full benefits.

How to slide in Madden 21
Sliding in the latest installment can only be done in certain scenarios. As such, there is no button that will let you slide at any time. Instead, it can be performed when your controlled player is running at full speed without a defender too close. If you attempt it with a linebacker or cornerback close, they can stop you before the animation begins. If spaced out well, continue holding the acceleration trigger (R2 for PlayStation or RT for Xbox) and then press square for those on PlayStation or X for Xbox users.

You can slide with other ball carriers, too. Playing as the wide receiver or running back requires you to hold both RT and LT, and then pressing X. You'll use this like how you would with a quarterback, ending the play so you don't give the ball over. On PS4, press the corresponding R2 and L2.

Sliding can be done with other ball carriers as well, but it takes a bit more input from the player. While a quarterback slide can be executed by hitting X or Square once, to make any other player slide or "give themselves up" and avoid contact, players must double-tap the X or Square buttons. This will cause a player to fall to the ground safely and avoid a big hit or having to run any further forward. Learning how to run the ball effectively can prove to be insanely important, so much so that the Madden NFL 20 Maddel Bowl Championship was won by a player who never used a quarterback and simply ran over the competition.

Once this is done, you are perfectly in the clear from chances of injury. Even player-controlled defenders will not be able to target you. Rather, they will automatically hurdle over you to avoid penalties. Lastly, it is possible to also slide in the endzone, but if you do it too early you may end up on the one-yard line. No matter how the results turn out, sliding is always, without argument, the best way to dodge any potential medical threats.

Keep in mind our proper sliding tips from before to avoid player’s injuries to your quarterback.

Sometimes ending the play by sliding is the best decision as it can prevent the defense from stripping the ball or allow players to call a timeout. Some players frown upon this strategy, but it is a smart tactic every Madden 21 player should understand.

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