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The beta for The Burning Crusade Classic has just raised the level cap to 70

The night from yesterday to today was used by the employees of Blizzard Entertainment responsible for TBC Classic, among other things, to install a new update on the test server of the currently running closed beta of this upcoming game version. To the delight of many testers, this new update has had a big impact on what kind of content they can test and what level they can bring their heroes to. With this new game version, the developers have raised the maximum level of the testers from the previous 68 to 70, so that the testers can finally reach the maximum level of this extension.

With the increase to 70, that speculation is only further fueled, especially as this opens up a host of new content to test, such as Heroic Dungeons, Arena Skirmishes and more.

Via the forums post on the Blizzard forums:

    With today’s build, which is now available, the Burning Crusade Beta now allows testing of all leveling content up to level 70. Additionally, we have enabled:

  •         The Eye of the Storm battleground
  •         Heroic dungeons
  •         Arena Skirmishes


However, the PvP system, which you can use to play your way up the ladder with your arena team, is not available. It may then be activated in the coming week. Then the first raid tests could start in Karazhan - NPCs who supply testers with consumables and can port them to the entrances of the raid instances have already been spotted in Shattrath.

Meanwhile, character boosting. Yes, people are going to be angry about that one for a while, but it has resulted in more changes beyond just jumping into the game at level 58; there are actually new quests added to the game to provide a brief tutorial to anyone getting boosted and give a rundown of how to play the game. There’s even specific sets of gear for each armor class, although the sets are made from existing models and should look familiar to veterans of the classic game. Whether or not this mollifies anyone annoyed by character boosting remains to be seen (but probably not).

In order for the TBC Classic to be able to use their freshly played up to 70 characters in the closed beta, the update kindly unlocked some of the endgame content of the addon for this test phase. This involved the heroic level of difficulty for all dungeons in Outland and the “Eye of the Storm” battlefield, which is visually located in the Netherstorm. The final major impact of this new version of the game for beta is the activation of the skirmish for the game's arena. Even if the rated PvP is still not active in the beta at the moment, fans of PvP from TBC can at least take a look at the BG of this expansion and the arena.

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic’s beta testing has been ongoing for a few weeks now as players prepare themselves for the upcoming release on the live servers this year. TBCC isn’t the only content to be tested in WoW, as the live version’s 9.1 update, dubbed Chains of Domination, is slated to hit the PTR for Shadowlands this month. Robin, our resident WoW columnist, talked about why she is looking forward to 9.1, but isn’t entirely stressing about when it will arrive.

As previously reported by Blizzard, in fact, the new patch should land on the public test realm no later than next week, with April 13th and 15th appearing to be the two most realistic and probable dates.

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