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The best way to earn the most Warframe Platinum

Warframe is a free-to-play game, and that means it comes bundled with it’s own premium currency you can buy with cold cash – Platinum. You will see it in the market, you will see it in trade; it’s hard to turn a corner without seeing Platinum attached to something in game. That doesn’t mean Warframe is pay-to-win, however. You can’t buy power directly, and anything you do buy with Platinum is either cosmetic, or a hollow-shell without mods (you are essentially paying Platinum to skip the acquisition grind). There is a twist to Platinum, one that many new players don’t seem to realize: you can earn Platinum in game, for free. Yep, you can grab all your favorite cosmetics, desired weapons and frames, and more slots all by playing. The catch, however, is it involves trading.

Probably the most well-known method of acquiring platinum. Acquiring prime parts and then selling them on trade chat or the market. If a prime part is rare, you can sell it for more platinum and full equipment sets sell for much more. How do you know if a prime part is rare? It’s one that has the lowest chance of being awarded to you upon completing a mission. It’s also good to once again use warframe market for price checks and sale advertisements so you don’t need to sit and grind the trade chat forever. Sell below the lowest advertised price if you are in urgent need of platinum. By the way, you can buy Cheap Warframe Platinum from, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “5MMO”.
Farming and selling Warframes is the best way to earn the most Platinum. But, there’s a much easier way to earn Platinum in Warframe. That’s Flipping! The concept of Flipping is buying something for cheap and selling it for a higher price for profit. Warframe Market usually have items for sale at much lower prices than what sellers ask for in trade chat.

Warframe players are always looking for corrupted mods like Transient Fortitude, Blind Rage, etc. You will require some work to gain these such as going to the derelict, gathering some keys and you’ll need four players. Then you will get corrupted mods, which are very rare. For trading each of these modes, you will get approximately 15 platinum.

Another way to earn a steady stream of platinum is “quick reselling”. This means using some of your platinum (if you have any) and buying underpriced prime parts and quickly selling them again for their normal or higher price to make a profit. This can be extremely time consuming but it’s still one way to earn platinum.