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The basic tips on how to power up faster in Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms is a massively multiplayer online game for Android and iOS. In Rise of Kingdoms game, the player builds its own Kingdom and build a strong army of high-tier troops lead by powerful commanders. Players can attack each other cities and loot their resources. The game also lets you join an alliance that provides many benefits to your Kingdom. Rise of Kingdoms features PvE mode, PvP mode, wars, alliance battles, and much more.

To Power up faster in the Rise of Kingdoms (formerly Rise of Civilizations) game require skills, time, and what to prioritize. Upgrading all buildings is not that necessary since most of the city buildings give low power when improving. So here is a guide on how to power up faster and better than other Governors in the Kingdom.

For Civilizations with City Hall Level below level 16, it is best to focus on upgrading your City Hall first up until level 16. Build and upgrade buildings only that are required to upgrade your City Hall to level 16. Once you reach City Hall level reaches level 16, upgrade all of your buildings to level 16 so that your economy won't stall also. You'd be having a hard time upgrading the other buildings and the other aspects of your city if you keep focusing on upgrading the City Hall above level 16. Other than that, you need to have a sustainable resource production so it is also important to upgrade your resource producing buildings as much as possible.
Since the best way to increase power is through buildings or researches that provides the best rate of power over total number of minutes it take, we can further improve this rate by using speedups. There are 4 types of Speedups you can use to help you increase power in Rise Of Kingdoms: Building, Research, Training and Healing Speed-ups.

Gathering resources is key for upgrading or building your city faster. In the game, it is fairly easy to mine resouces around the map. Just bring out mining-beneficial commanders with Siege Weapons to be able to carry more resources. There are lots of resource mines on the map that you can gather for 50 minutes and get 100K+ resources you selected. Moreover, provides Cheap Rise of Kingdoms Resources for players. As an online in-game currency store for many years, we’ve received great reputation for our reliable service.