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SEGA and Microsoft included, Phantasy Star Online 2 was barely playable

buy PSO2 Meseta On May 27th the North American version of Phantasy Star Online 2 released on the PC to what many expected to be at least a playable launch based on the rousing success of the Xbox One version. To the dismay of everyone involved SEGA and Microsoft included Phantasy Star Online 2 was barely playable and had so many different issues it was hard to fathom how the Microsoft Store version of PSO2 squeaked by without in the very least an open beta. Be ready for a tale of my personal experience from the PC preload to the stable playable game we expected a week ago.

The program is called PSO2 Tweaker and if you're already playing or interested in getting started it's a must-have program. With the latest update PSO2 Tweaker can now install PSO2 and keep it up to date without even needing to open the Windows Store. It also has a bunch of useful options that make it a much better alternative to the original launcher like more granular graphics settings.

The initial install downloaded the game after a couple repeated attempts at closing and reopening the program. After the installation you need to change the application permissions to developer mode and run a powershell script as an administrator to allow the Microsoft Store to recognize and provide the credentials you need to run the game. My first attempt at this was not successful. I was receiving several errors related to not being able to download the necessary files. I had to go through several manual powershell commands to get to the point where I could run the powershell script properly to finally get the game to launch. Even after I was able to launch the game successfully I still seem to get a gameguard error but it doesn’t prevent me from playing.

Reddit poster 'synthsy' has a step by step guide that'll help if you're confused. If you're already playing PSO2 the best option is to use the custom launcher to reinstall the game but synthsy's guide does have some experimental steps you can try by copying and pasting the Windows Store install.

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