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Read on as we discuss NBA 2k22 and how to fix Rebirth

Rebirth is a new mission and bonus in NBA 2K22, but for many it doesn't work and needs fixing. The problem begins when visiting the NPC named Summer, who will give the quest out. She is often missing the exclamation mark above her head, meaning she has nothing to say. This prevents access to the task. Read on as we discuss NBA 2k22 and how to fix Rebirth.

How To Fix Rebirth 2K22 Not Working?
When people try to chat to Summer about the Rebirth mission, they run into this issue. She doesn't always have an exclamation point above her head. As a result, starting the mission is impossible. Making a new build is one solution. When you've finished, go back to Summer. You should now see an exclamation mark indicating that you are ready to take on the challenge.

NBA 2K22 Rebirth Not Working

  •     Restart the Game
  •     Check Internet Servers
  •     Reset Internet Servers
  •     Try Reinstalling the Game

The new version will include a feature that allows you to reset your construction without having to start from scratch. It will need some progress, so you’ll want to follow through and make sure you’ve met all of the prerequisites.

This problem especially occurs when gamers are trying to reach Summer by clicking on the Rebirth quest that pops up on their game tab. Quite a few people have reported that simply traveling to Summer directly by going to the Concha Del Mar is allowing them to start off the Rebirth quest without a problem.

The final solution for the NBA 2k22 Rebirth fix is to check your messages and make sure you have one from Summer. You need to get the second message, that talks about visiting her for the Rebirth task. Play a few games, then recheck the messages. If you have a new message, she may have already given it to you via the phone. Go and meet back up with her and you should be able to continue.

How To Start The 2K22 Rebirth Quest?
You'll need to update to patch 1.05. to begin the quest. The mission will be added to your game as a result of this. Restart the game, go to your diary, and you'll find a new option called 'Rebirth.' The mission is to meet up with Summer and talk about the various talents that can be unlocked. She is located on deck 16 of the cruise ship. To get to the Moat Court, take the elevator. Summer will be in one of the deck's corners, holding an exclamation point above her head. The NBA 2k22 Rebirth task rewards you with a new build player that already has a set number of badges. To accomplish so, obtain a score of 90 on any player. Play 10 games after that. You don't even have to win these to be eligible.

While the NBA 2K team has not officially acknowledged the error, a Reddit user who reported the problem has claimed that the 2K team currently does not have a fixed timeline to resolve the issue.