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Psyonix will be gifting Rocket League players three of the original DLCs

Rocket League developer Psyonix made a series of announcements in blog post this week detailing some of what the company has scheduled over this holiday season, including plans to release the first three Rocket League DLCs for free. Sometime later this year, Psyonix said it’s going to freely distribute the first three DLC packs it created for Rocket League to everyone who owns to the game.

“Following an update before the end of the year, everything included in the Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle-Cars, and Chaos Run DLC Packs will be automatically available for all Rocket League owners,” Psyonix said in its roadmap. “In other words, all owners of Rocket League will also have access to Dominus, Takumi, Scarab, Zippy, Ripper, and Grog.”

Those DLCs will be removed from storefronts to make sure players don’t end up paying for them now since they’re coming soon anyway. In a similar vein, Rocket League Game of the Year Edition will be removed from sale as well since it included the three DLCs. For those who purchased the packs on October 1st or afterwards, you’re eligible for a refund. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe Rocket League Credits For Sale.

This means that players will soon have access to the vehicles, decals, paint finishes and wheels of Dominus, Takumi, Scarab, Zippy, Ripper, and Grog. It was also noted in the blog post that players that have purchased any of those DLC's will be eligible for a re-fund through the platform they are playing on. Unfortunately, Psyonix didn't mention a solid release date for this content, but instead they said that they will follow-up with an announcement before the end of the year.

Developers Psyonix say the exact date at which the content is to be made available will be announced soon, and in the meantime it has shared details of its Competitive Season 12 rewards including a unique animated decal for each rank.