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One of the Most Exciting Features Coming to FIFA 19 is the Refreshed Kick Off Mode

FIFA 19 will add some new gameplay options to its one-off, play now mode, and although one sure sounds a lot like a soccer version of a battle royale, developers with EA Canada insist that it's not cribbing off that fad. Many of these match types that can be selected in Kick-Off are only concerned with visuals and number of matches. EA Sports has decided to unveil its decision to bring a new gameplay type to the next entry in the long-running soccer simulation series by adding a Survival Mode. FIFA 19 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for this realistic soccer simulator.


For years, the FIFA games have let you jump straight into a friendly match via a quick kick-off, but it was limited in that all you could play was a friendly. You can play some of the licensed matches EA Sports has for FIFA, such as the FA Cup final and Champions League matches. Remember, the game rules state that you can only get four players removed from the pitch.


In fact, Survival Mode was something FIFA developer EA had been working on long before the likes of Fortnite and PUBG started making waves. So, we wanted to do multiple things with Kick Off obviously there's now stats tracking which makes every game meaningful in the sense that it always tracks your stats. In normal rules, if you have less than seven players, it's game over, and the same is true here, but whoever depletes their team first gets the win.


Champions League Matches


Announcers Martin Tyler and Alan Smith, they say, even drolly comment on the format as if it was a real thing, with strategy analysis and the like. One other note, we missed this at first, but last week, it was announced in China that the Chinese Super League would join FIFA 19's roster of licensed leagues and teams. In accordance with official FIFA rules, matches are abandoned when either team has fewer than seven players on the pitch. If you are you looking for more about Cheap FIFA 19 Coins check out our website. Interestingly enough, FIFA 19's Survival Mode features its own custom cutscenes to show players walking off the field in a confused manner.


Watching how players develop strategies for this mode will be fascinating, and it should make for some of the most intense local FIFA matches in the history of the game. In fact, one of the more intriguing aspects of the title that players are excited about discovering is how Christiano Ronaldo's Juventus signing will affect The Journey's story campaign.


EA Sports has even tweaked the in-game commentary specifically for this mode. More interesting is the survival mode. Here, when you score a goal, one of your players chosen at random leaves the pitch. The game continues in that fashion when you score you lose a player and so on. Survival Mode was something FIFA developer EA had been working on long before the likes of Fortnite and PUBG started making waves. Elsewhere, EA Sports also revealed why they decided to call time on Alex Hunter's Journey on FIFA.


Survival mode isn't quite FIFA 19's take on battle royale, because you can't get to a last player standing situation. Survival mode adheres to the rules of real life football in that the match is abandoned if either team has fewer than seven players. Prior said it was always their intention to have a trilogy culminating in Hunter playing in the Champions League.