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NBA 2K19 MyPark Call Your Friends in Neighborhood and Real Life

To say it shortly, the MyPark mode is one of the casual mode for NBA 2K19 gamers to kill their spare time and enjoy the fun of Basketball video game on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you have Switch, the portable console, you can play 2K19 with your friends at any time anywhere. Tomorrow will be the celebration date of 2K Sports anniversary carnival, will you join it or not?

Jazz isn’t Not only a show

Overall Rating: 91 Amethyst

Defending Rating: 89

Inside Scoring: 77

Outside Scoring: 50

Athleticism Rating: 76

Rebounding: 94

Height: 74

Position: C

Badges (Gold): Drop-Stepper, Pick & Roller, Putback King, Brick Wall, Bruiser, Lob City Finisher, Chase Down Artist, Defensive Stopper, Rim Protector, Hustle Rebounder


Fantasy Domination: Bernard King New York Knicks

Overall Rating: 95 Diamond

Defending rating: 80

Inside Scoring: 85

Outside Scoring: 86

Athleticism Rating: 86

Playmaking: 77

Height: 67

Position: Small Forward

Gold Badges: Catch & Shoot, Difficult Shots, Mid-Range Deadeye, Tireless Scorer, Acrobat, Relentless Finisher, Break Starter, Pick & Roll Maestro, Lob City Finisher, One Man Fast Break, Posturize, Chase Down Artist, Defensive Stopper, Pick Dodger, Pick Pocket

Mind Badges: Alpha Dog, Clutch Performer, Defensive Anchor


All Time Domination: Maurice Lucas Portland Trail Blazers

Overall Rating: 97 Pink Diamond

Defending Rating: 90

Inside Scoring: 90

Outside Scoring: 79

Playmaking: 57

Rebounding: 90

Height: 6 9

NBA 2K19 Basic Lineup

Position: Power Forward

Gold Badges: Catch & Shoot, Pick & Popper, Pick & Roller, Putback King, Break Starter, Dimer, Lob City Passer, Brick Wall, Bruiser, One Man Fast Break, Charge Card, Chase Down Artist, Defensive Stopper, Pick Dodger, Pick Pocket, Rim Protector, Hustle Rebounder

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Same as it in real life, there are also classifications for basketball, but most of gamers in 2K19 is still novice due to the new mechanism and new control algorithm. If you want to have a look on your own level, just check it in your user information chart. Good luck.

The introduction is over, how do you get all Domination rewards this year to maximize your play through?

Instead of a having a linear path on which team to play against, Domination in NBA 2K19 now allows players to pick which team to battle. Dominating each division will reward you with a fixed amount of tokens, and dominating online divisions will enable the top three teams in each league.

You can participate in these leagues: NBA, Fantasy and All-Time modes. Each league has a total of 33 teams, and you simply need to dominate every single one to earn the prized card for the league. Unlike the previous game - NBA 2K18, you can no longer select the prized card for each league. The main reward for NBA is an amethyst Mark Eaton with a 91 overall rating.

In order to dominate each team, you simply need to win the game and achieve a three star rating by earning a certain amount of MT Points during the match. Due to the MT Points requirement, you need to perform well on both offense and defense to maximize your MT earnings per possession. Don’t share your account with other basketball fans, or else your account may be compromised by hacker.