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Jagex brought back Old School Runescape Deadman Mode tournament

In order to make people stay at home full of fun, rather than doing nothing, the developer Jagex is doing its part to hold an event in Old School Runescape to take up four weeks, Deadman Mode, a return of classic seasonal tournament.

Starting from May 1, the players can risk all they carry on them and a portion of their items hidden away in the bank in order to get increased experience rates ranging from 5 to 10 times. During Deadman Mode running, certain instanced areas of Geilinor in Old School Runescape would be not available, like the Revenant Caves, Lava Dragon Isles as well as Zulrah, because of the lack of regular loot tables.

With the ongoing situation regarding the COVID-19 virus, many gaming companies are stepping up to keep players busy during these times of quarantine. Jagex, the company behind Old School RuneScape, is doing its part by hosting a new four-week-long Deadman Mode tournament starting May 1. Deadman Mode is a mode where players risk everything they carry on them and a portion of their items hidden away in the bank. To make up for this, all players have access to increased experience rates, ranging from five to 10 times the regular experience rates. If you need Buy RS 2007 Gold, you can visit our site

In addition to the increased experience rates, certain areas of Geilinor, the Old School RuneScape universe, are unavailable in Deadman Mode. The monsters inside both the Revenant Caves and the Lava Dragon Isles do not have their regular loot tables on the Deadman Mode worlds. The other area unavailable to players is the endgame boss, Zulrah. In past editions of Deadman Mode, the “Venom” mechanic was too potent for the average player, as it can deal up to 20 damage every few seconds. The reason the mechanic was so unbalanced was the inability of players to clear the effect, as the cure for this venom was locked behind the endgame boss, Zulrah itself.

Jagex is planning on donating $25,000 to its partner charities in alignment with the Deadman Mode tournament. These charities include: CPSL Mind, The Prince’s Trust, and Rise Above The Disorder. Similarly, winners will get several different kinds of prizes at the end of the tournament.