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How to Complete the Fallout 76 Waste Not Daily Quest

Setting aside the frankly inexcusable lack of polish throughout the game, there also ultimately somehow manages to be less stuff here than in Fallout 76 indeed, the whole game felt like an unfinished DLC pack for Fallout 4, where they'd done all the worldbuilding and environmental storytelling but hadn't gotten around to the NPCs or dialogue trees or branching quest stuff before someone decided it needed to be released.


Every player in Fallout 76 gets their own personal Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform (C.A.M.P.), a device that lets you build your very own fort in the woods, complete with protective machine gun turrets and a stash box to house all of your extra junk. Your camp can house crafting benches for making better gear, fire pits for cooking whatever mutant animal you most recently killed, and even a bed on which to rest.


The Fallout 76 Waste Not daily quest can be found in the Savage Divide, at the Red Rocket Mega Stop. If you are you looking for more about Fallout 76 Atoms check out our website. Players of the Fallout series will no doubt be familiar with Red Rocket truck stops. Indeed, one such stop was one of the first locations players would find in Fallout 4. The Red Rocket Mega Stop is a much larger stop than most, and this quest involves scavenging from its errant robots.

Fallout 76 Waste

There are a number of issues with the game, but if any one of the following five things were present, Bethesda's latest release might not be in such a bad spot. The reviews have been brutal and the game currently has Metacritic scores of 49, 50 and 55 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, respectively. Despite a recent patch that measured 47 GB in size, it doesn't appear as though most of what ails Fallout 76 can be cured.


Fallout 76 is only a week old, but already we're seeing some stupendous offers manifest for the title. We're seeing Amazon listing the game for a ridiculous 32.99 that's a huge third off the recommended RRP already. After a great deal at slashed the price down to under 40 and went out of stock almost immidiately yesterday, it's reassuring to see a retailer as big as Amazon slash the price of the game.


Final reviews on Fallout 76 have begun to drop, and reviewers and gamers alike have savaged the title for an astounding number of bugs, issues, bad gameplay decisions, and paper-thin mechanics. We've already discussed how the game's decision to rely on data logs and holotapes to assign quests and create a sort-of story was a flawed mechanic, but the game's problems clearly go far beyond this issue. The PC version is the only flavor to break a 50 percent score on Metacritic, and the average gamer review on that same site is somehow even worse, at 2.9. In this case, critics appear to like the game more than the player base, not less.