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Genshin Impact had Made $400 Million On Mobile

Genshin Impact Crystals Accounts Developer miHoYo continues to generate an incredible amount of profit from its open-world game as Genshin Impact revenue was close to $400 million on mobile alone over its first two months available. Genshin Impact is a game heavily inspired by Breath of the Wild in the way its open world is designed giving players a bit more direction when it comes to questing but otherwise preserving the same feeling of exploration as a primary interest driver.

This is according to research from mobile app market intelligence firm Sensor Tower which claims the wildly popular open-world RPG earned roughly US$393million from September 28 (its release date) to November 28. The firm also noted that about 30 per cent of the income comes from China with Japan and the United States rounding out the top three with 25 and 19 per cent respectively.

Genshin Impact

PUBG Mobile was a close third in the charts from September 28 to November 28 sitting right behind Genshin Impact with $384 million generated. Completing this top five were Pokémon GO with $238 million and Coin Master with $229 million.

Genshin Impact’s popularity hasn’t shielded it from controversy Genshin Impact Accounts however. Players pointed out in October that it might have lifted a piece of music from the Final Fantasy series. Shortly after the game was also found to be censoring words like “Taiwan,” “Hong Kong,” and “Tibet,” possibly to appease China’s strict regulations on anything that threatens its “national unity sovereignty or territorial integrity.”

It's also worth noting that the report doesn't factor in Genshin Impact revenue generated by its PC and PS4 versions which are likely pretty high in their own right. While mobile spending seems like the best platform to analyze Genshin Impact's revenue and success overall due to how accessible it is on iOS and Android devices it doesn't present as clear a picture as a more thorough analysis of its profitability on all platforms.

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