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FIFA 19 Defensive Tutorial and Ideas Explain How Defends in the Game

FIFA 19 defense is as important as offense. Many novice players lose the ball because of steals, and they don't know how to defend and lead to losing points. Is there any defensive skill in the game? Now we will bring you the FIFA 19 defensive tutorial and ideas explained by GameorNothing.


Defensive Ideas and Operational Skills


When the front field is close to the opponent, you can click the steal button to resist the opponent's break. Especially when the opponent is yelling, the best effect is when the ball is farthest from the opponent's body. When the opponent attacked, the defending team stood up diagonal, defending the inside, the distance was closer, and the distance was too long for the other party to shoot. Then the crab steps back to it. The whole is to go forward, seal it, but don't stretch your feet, then the crab steps back a few steps, so that you can go back and forth and keep blocking.


Team Player in FIFA 19


Be sure to chase the players and follow the players in front of them. Change the right joystick quickly. Note that you must switch to the defender before the opponent passes the ball and switch in advance. Waiting for the other party to pass the ball and switch again. 


Defensively ran to the opponent's most likely pass route, not to the player, but to the position he is about to pass. For example, he might pass the ball to the top of the screen, then you should go to the top of him and then ran forward, instead of running straight to him. The specific operation of the left stick is to push up, not directly.


And manually control the player to block other positions. If you see the AI running to the defensive position you want to go to, the players you control yourself should not go, you can stand still and defend, or go to another position to make up. That is, do not grab the position with the AI, use the AI back to the defense manually control the player to surround the opponent. When the player you manually control faces the opponent face to face, if the opponent's player has your AI back to the side, then immediately switch to the side AI, it is easier to break the ball.


How to predict the passing route of the opponent? If you have any sort of inquiries pertaining to where and how you can make use of FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Coins, you could call us at our own webpage. Observing the opponent's player, in which direction, in which direction the ball will generally pass, can be prejudged based on this. When defending, in fact, you are not defending the player, not the ball, but the position. So you have to run, not the player, not the ball, but to the corresponding defensive position.


If the back defense AI is in place, you can manually control the player, stand in the middle of the opponent's several offensive players, find the right position, and wherever you need defense, go ahead. At this time, don't keep crabs, you have to start quickly. If the manually controlled player is rid of at the forefront of the penalty area, manually switch the position of the center guard, and be careful not to grab it. Wait until the player you got rid of is back and reorganize the defense.


Protect the Middle Road


When the opponent takes the ball offensively, you have to push the opponent's team player to the side. Just need to seal the ball on the side of his midfield, he is likely to go to the side. The sidewalks are often less threatening.