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Conflict of Nations WW3 Released for Android and iOS

Strategy games studio Dorado Games and publisher Bytro Labs are launching Conflict of Nations: WW3 for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Conflict of Nations: WW3 is a free-to-play Long Term Strategy (LTS) game in which modern global wars are fought in real time between 100 players in campaigns spanning days and weeks.

Real-time strategy games have always attracted the attention of the players. However, most of the real-time strategy games that have released to date have featured historical events. Conflict of Nations WW3 is a little different from what we’ve been used to so far. Because in this game we will control the future, not the past.

Our goal in the Conflict of Nations WW3 is to achieve global dominance. In this context, players will make real-time travels from the regions they command to the battlefield. As a matter of fact, this may disturb gamers who love fast games. However, if you still want to experience a very impressive Third World War, it should state that this game deserves a chance.

In Conflict of Nations, players take command of a real-world nation in a struggle for global domination. Units traverse the world map in real time, often taking hours to fulfill their assigned missions and objectives, allowing players to frequently re-visit their running campaigns, taking daily tactical decisions while sending their troops into battle. Each nation must be carefully managed and developed: researching new units, building infrastructure, managing the economy and engaging in diplomacy with other players are essential tools to winning World War III.

 Conflict of Nations: World War 3

Conflict of Nations: WW3 provides players with the opportunity to take on the role of ruler of one of the powers and emerge victorious in a global conflict. This will require tactical and strategic skills, since this project is a genre of turn-based real-time strategies. In this it resembles another similar project that we covered earlier - Supremacy 1: The Great War.

The average campaign here lasts from a couple of days to several weeks. That is, you need to think over long-term actions. The units in the game are varied - from simple foot troops to submarines with ballistic missiles.

Already popular on PC and enjoyed by over 1.8 million players, Conflict of Nations is now playable on iOS and Android, allowing PC and mobile strategy fans to fight in multiplayer combat scenarios that span the modern world.

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