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Apex Legends Has Come up with a Well Implemented Solution

Apex Legends has come up with a well-implemented solution called a ping system. If you are you looking for more about Apex Legends Apex Coins check out our website. It's an ingenious method that allows players to skip the need for a lot of voice communication. Using this system, players can focus on an object and highlight it for their team, at which point their hero speaks a contextual line of dialogue. If you see your teammates lack good armor and you find a suit, highlighting it shows its location on the map to the rest of your trio. With a few button taps, you can highlight enemy locations, focus on where to travel next, tell people you're scouting ahead or warn teammates that other teams have been through here. 


Right now, we have no idea how much money Apex Legends is generating, so it's hard to say that players'vocal complaints about price tags will have an effect on the game's earning potential. But it's safe to say that EA wouldn't be footing the bill for a free-to-play game of this scale if it didn't have high hopes it could be a money-generator like Fortnite. That has a slim chance of happening unless some of these pricing schemes change, or in the unlikely event its battle pass is so successful it floats the entire the game.

Meadows's aggressive style certainly contributed to the decisive point that pushed the team into first. Shroud, too, stood out during the tournament as a potential face of Apex Legends, often holding 200,000 viewers on his own stream. Personalities on Twitch can be a driving force for a game's success, and Apex Legends'competitive scene has a few to watch. The question is whether those streamers will stick with Apex Legends or retreat back to Fortnite, which had been their preferred title before the Apex Legends release.


In Apex Legends, you can buy different skins for your guns, which means they look different but perform just the same as any gun anyone else can get. You can also buy Apex Packs, which cost 100 Coins each and give you a chance at getting "legendary," "rare" or "epic" items that can't be bought on their own. Like Fortnite, the game is free to play. The game makes its money through selling Apex Coins, a form of in-game currency players buy with real money. They use these coins to unlock items and heroes. All items can be unlocked solely by playing the game, although, as you put time into the game, the rewards start out fast and come your way slower as you reach higher levels.


But it would be a real shame to see Apex Legends stumble because it's too busy testing the limits on what maximum it can charge per item, when it could be thinking up creative ways to make fans want to spend time and money and support it. Apex Legends itself, and its competitive format, draws some obvious comparisons to Fortnite. Because of the massive growth of Apex Legends the game has already surpassed two million peak concurrent players many are speculating it's a game that can stand up to the Epic Games-built battle royale title. For comparison, Fortnite reached 10 million players two weeks after its release.