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Aion Classic does not officially launch until June 23

As with other MMORPGs, such as World of Warcraft (WoW Classic) and RuneScape (Old School RuneScape), Aion will also receive a "classic" version, meaning players will be able to enjoy adventures with the structures that the game had in their first years of life. And the most interesting thing is that NCSoft presented the title, June 9th, and already intends to release it on June 23rd… let's check the details of this debut?

What is Aion Classic? The classic servers should be with us in terms of the playful content from the patch to the release. According to NCSoft, this is patch 1.0, but the release took place with us as early as 2009 with patch 1.5. You expect:

  •     PvE content up to level 50
  •     Rift and Fortress battles in PvP
  •     4 basic classes, from which further specializations result in the course of the level


Classic doesn’t officially launch until June 23, so technically, there’s a good amount of time to get character creation done. Of course, we have no idea how popular the classic server is going to be. So there is a chance that you won’t have to do early character creation at all and still get your preferred server and name. (I’m pretty sure I’m the only one at MMOBomb who’s even a little excited about it.)

This revival has two different Founder's Packs available for purchase (at $20 and $50) for those who want to start with a few bonus items. Aion can be played for free with a trial version, although an optional subscription for those wanting the full experience, starting at $15 for 30 days. This optional subscription is called Siel’s Aura, which improves item gain and experience acquisition. Free players do get an hour of Siel’s Aura each day, but subscribers will maintain the bonus at all times.

Aion Classic relies on a mix of subscription and free-to-play, does not promise pay-to-win

What does the monetization model look like exactly? Aion Classic relies on the so-called Siel’s aura. This is an account status that is roughly comparable to ESO +:

    Siel’s Aura gives you access to 100% of the experience points, content such as collecting mats and the ability to trade directly with players.
    30 days of Siel’s aura costs 15 dollars, 90 days costs 42 dollars.

If you use Aion as a free-to-play player, you only get 50% of the experience points and are limited in some things. For example, you can never get the best pieces of equipment dropped in the game. However, all players automatically receive one hour of Siel’s Aura per day, so that you can feel like a premium player during this time.

In short, if you enjoyed Aion during the first years of the game's life, the debut of Aion Classic will be a way to revisit that era and ensure a few more good hours of fun. If you want to know more about the title, just visit its official website.

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