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The November Dark City Secret Stealing Demo in Summoners War Sky Arena Gameplay

This month's dungeon is a 4 star magic phantom thief in Summoners War: Sky Arena so what about the secret thief's attribute skills? Let's take a look at the demo analysis of this article. We hope everyone likes it.


The Basic Skills


Warn the crime to inflict damage on the enemy in a way that informs the crime and stuns it for 1 round with a 20% chance. Sudden visits Attacks that increase the critical strike rate by 30%, causing the enemy to stun when crit. Intimate plan Increases crit rate by 20% and reduces crit rate by 50%. Increase Captain's Skills In the arena, our armor's attack power increased by 33%.


Phantom Thief in Summoners War


The Research Report


Dark thief is a 4-star demon that can be obtained in the heroic dungeon in November. It can only be summoned by the light and dark summoning volume. The skill of this demon is very embarrassing at first glance, but it is actually very general.


Mainly because he can only rely on 2 skill output, but this pothole skill is full of CD, which causes him to rely on the general attack output after the start of the game. The only thing that is gratifying is that he is a dark attribute, attacking. Will not be injured because of the property grams. 3 skills plus 20 explosions ordinary pass, minus 50% of the crit rate for his fragile small body is not as useful as imagined, minus the point that the crit rate is still taken away by people goods. 2 Skills with 3 skill bonuses Even if you don't insert any rune with a crit rate, you can have a 65% crit rate, but it is not lost.


But the most embarrassing thing is that he still has a brother called Vulcan, who adds 50% attack power. What does 50% attack power mean? Equivalent to a +12 246 position attack percentage, and he added a crit rate and only 20% high opinion, can only make people lament. If you have any sort of inquiries pertaining to where and how you can make use of Buy Summoners War Accounts, you could call us at our own webpage. In the rune aspect, we still recommend that you use the irritating blade. There is no other choice. You can't waste his natural high crit rate.


In general, the advantages of the Dark Thief can be roughly three, which are very handsome, long handsome and very handsome. The second choice is the thug preferably the group attack if it is not output in the menu.


The main output of your PVP is usually on the six stars. You are one of the titular Summoners, who has been granted control over a plot of land in the sky and power to, well, summon monsters to do your biddings. In Summoners War: Sky Arena, players collect up to 400 monsters, each with an elemental attribute. These monsters can be evolved and upgraded to become stronger, while a Rune System allows players to pick and choose the abilities they'd like those monsters to have.


Strongest crystals in the first two waves due to aoe attacks. Boss' main strength lies in the ability to freeze and eventually executes enemies with Rage rune equipped if your units are still frozen. To celebrate the game's worldwide launch, Com2uS is holding two limited time events for early adopters. The Trial of Ascension, where you climb up 100-floor tower with increasing difficulty, with bosses every 10 levels.