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Diablo Immortal took what is good from Diablo III, adapted it to smartphones

Along with Diablo IV and Diablo II Resurrected, there is a third installment of the franchise that has certainly caught the attention of fans at the recent BlizzConline 2021. We are obviously talking about Diablo Immortal, an episode of the saga intended exclusively for mobile systems.

Quite fair devils At the moment (after alpha tests) it looks like this: Diablo Immortal took what is good from Diablo III, adapted it to smartphones and slimmed down from unnecessary fat. You won't find bad cholesterol here in the form of Auction House. Of course, there are microtransactions, as in free-to-play titles, but even this method of monetization does not spoil the fun. Paying speeds up your character's progression and development, but doesn't get you anything we wouldn't end up feeding ourselves (at least not yet).

According to the developers, Diablo Immortal will receive new content every few months. Blizzard representatives promised that they will add many additional character classes to the game (they hinted at the appearance of a sorcerer from Diablo 3 and an assassin from Diablo 2), locations and dungeons with opponents.

What do these testers say?
In the “earnings call” for the quarterly figures, Daniel Alegre, COO of Activision, spoke about the internal tests. These took place in the third quarter of 2020 and the first testers are said to be “very enthusiastic”.

Alegre did not reveal what exactly excites the testers. These testers were also Blizzard employees themselves.

However, in the context of Diablo Immortal it was repeatedly emphasized that it should have the "usual Blizzard quality". That suggests actions like the statement about completion in November 2019 and the employment of Rod Fergusson. He is known as "Closer" - and is supposed to complete Diablo 4 and Immortal.

Finally, Diablo Immortal will - fortunately - be offered as a free-to-play free title. Cheng and Love have in fact reiterated that exploring the game world - as well as most of the main activities and classes available - will be an experience offered for free when the game is launched in the various stores. The only extra costs will obviously be linked to bonus content, including various types of cosmetics, in addition to the usual season pass that will offer new preview missions aimed at all those who wish to put their hand to the package. Note: at the moment it is already possible to pre-register on the official Italian website of Diablo Immortal in view of the new and expected Beta Test, scheduled for the next months of 2021.

Recall that Diablo Immortal will be the first part of the Diablo franchise, designed specifically for mobile devices. The release date is still kept secret.

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